About Taymac Stainless
Focused on Quality
Focusing on quality staff, Taymacís Stainless capability is based on a professional and capable team.

Taymac Stainless was registered April 2011 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Taylors Manufacturing (Trading as Taymac). Taylors Manufacturing has been operating for over 100 years and has undergone changes of ownership and focus, the established company is now involved in a diverse range of activities through its own endeavors & that of its subsidiary companies such as Taymac Stainless.

Taymac Stainless is a newly established dedicated stainless steel fabricator, specializing in high quality stainless steelwork for the commercial, food, dairy process industries & architectural sectors, was formed so as to focus on the stainless industry and to avoid any contamination with carbon steel in the work place and therefore give our customers confidence in our manufacturing processes'.

Focusing on quality staff, Taymac's Stainless capability is based on a professional and capable team; Staff are certified to New Zealand and Australian welding standards and in addition we also have a certified welding supervisor. Customers will always receive an efficient service fronted by an experienced engineering team. Working from the first point of contact, customers can remain assured Taymac Stainless will be effective in delivering a high quality product at a competitive price. With a strong commitment to high grade work and customer service, Taymac is committed to serving the Canterbury community for years to come.