Taymac Stainless Products
Custom Fabrication

Here at Taymac Stainless we work closely with our customers to come up with a solution to suit their problem in various grades of Stainless, Aluminum and Copper metals.

Commercial and Architecture:

Wall cladding of Commercial kitchens, Fronts of building, Joinery Units.

General Metal Work in Stainless, Aluminum and Copper. In the case of aluminum, powder coating is available to selected colour.

Handrails, Balustrading, Trolley Barriers and Bollards, manufacture and install to Architect designs or if required can assist with the design.

Roof gutters, Rainwater heads and Down pipes.


Ducting Light or Heavy Duty:

Manufacturing large or small ducting with or without flanges. Manufactures transition’s in all shapes and sizes with and without flanges.

Manufactures transition's in all shapes and sizes with and without flanges.

Safety explosive hatch to fit within a ducting system.

Tanks and Hoppers large or small:

Water storage tanks, Grey water tanks and Fuel tanks, can be supplied with supporting structure, feet etc.

Conical hoppers with or without support structure, feet etc.