Taymac Stainless Products
Extract Hoods/Canopies

Extractor hood or range hood, also known as a kitchen hood, stove hood, exhaust hood, cooker hood, extraction hood, cooking canopy.  Each canopy comes standard with Honeycomb Grease Filters which can easily be cleaned using a water jet, the filter media is 50mm thick honeycomb pattern. Removable stainless steel grease collecting receptacles are provided within the apron of the canopy housing. Lighting options available are recessed low voltage Halogen, Vapor-proof twin fluorescent recessed light or
Bulkhead type, all can be fitted within the canopy.


When designing and manufacturing a kitchen extraction canopy system there must always be three prime considerations:

Quality         Looks         Operation

It is essential that the construction is of the highest standards, with attention paid to details. The canopy should also look in keeping with its environment and still be pleasing to the eye. Above all, it must work efficiently within the constraints of its environment and the requirements of the kitchen staff.

Canopies are available in either wall or island mounted versions to suit the kitchen design. Extraction can be via a single sided or double sided plenum, or in the case of a condense hood type canopy via egg-crate grille in the roof of the canopy and a fan if necessary.

Canopies are constructed from 1.2mm thick, grade 304 satin finish stainless steel, and have an all welded construction with a 50mm x 25mm perimeter condense channel. Each canopy contains stainless steel grease filter housings and the grease collection is channeled to the removable grease receptacles. All joints and seams are liquid tight. Infill panels constructed to the same type and quality of stainless steel as the ventilation canopies shall be provided from the top of the canopies to the suspended ceiling level to enable the ceiling trims to be affixed tight against the canopy with no gaps. All canopies are provided with hanging points on the top of the canopy.

Make up air variations

Replacement air can be supplied into the kitchen via the canopy. An integral make-up air plenum can be incorporated inside the front face or perimeter of the canopy, parallel to the extract plenum. Or in the case of island canopies a plenum on each of the canopy faces parallel to the extract plenum. The introduction of supply air via the canopy can be made available with the following methods:

Canopy Front Face Discharge:

Is the normal method of introducing the replacement air into the kitchen, the air being discharged into the kitchen from the front face of the canopy. Either stainless steel perforated panels or double deflection grilles can be fitted to the front face of the canopy to diffuse the replacement air.


Perimeter supply air:

Creates an air-curtain effect, providing kitchen staff with cooling air flow to alleviate the effects of radiant heat and forming a barrier to the rising thermal currents, any combination of the above options can be incorporated into any canopy.