With over 100 years in the business of design and manufacturing, our reputation is built on our belief of providing high quality product and service at a very competitive price.
Focus on Warranty

We are focused on establishing a connection with our customers, to recognising their fabrication design requirements and then responding to those requirements quickly and efficiently.


Taymac Stainless believes in integrity, innovation and inclusion. We are professional in all that we do and constantly strive to improve, work together as a team to provide outstanding service.


Taymac Stainless has the trade skills, expertise, services and tools to be able to fabricate and delivery a very large range of fabrication work. Whatever your needs, Taymac can help.


Quality is very important to both us and our customers. It is not just about fabricating properly and on time, but also ensuring that our work meets the highest standards of reliability, durability and finish.


After sales service is a focus of Taymac Stainless's operation and we treat our warranties very seriously. If there is a problem, you can rely on us to fix it in the shortest time possible .