Taymac Stainless Services

Services available from Taymac Stainless

Free Quotations & Design Advice:
Our focus is to provide you with the outcome you require in an easy and cost-effective way. This in the initial stages includes free advice and quoting to maximize the potential of your project. Our staff are very experienced in the specifics and details that often slow projects down and the methods of getting past these stumbling blocks.

Full Site-Specific Design Service:
We have a huge amount of industry specific stainless steel design experience. No job is too big or too small. On top of this, Stainless Steel is a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing product that is the obvious choice when creating beautiful, functional, healthy work spaces. 

Custom Stainless Steel Manufacturing:
We have a well-equipped fabrication workshop facility; this also includes a small machining center.  With the skill-base of our staff, we are able produce almost any item you might desire.

Professional Installation:
Taymac Stainless offer quality products, where and when required we will carry out installation, especially when it is an integral part of the project. It is as important to us as it is to you that our work looks professional, functions perfectly and is installed correctly. Hygiene and Aesthetics is very important to Taymac Stainless and you can be sure that the project will be installed professionally and on time.

Project Management:
Taymac Stainless can take care of all the details and also take into account all of your considerations by working with you rather than for you. This takes away the stress and makes the whole experience enjoyable rather than hectic. On top of this, our advice and services are backed up by years of knowledge and experience, so you can rest assured that your project will turn out the exactly as you desire.